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Do you collect digital memories? Have you ever heard of Printx Pro that helps you transform those digital memories to life? Well, this tiny printer is wholly cordless and has changed the myth of imagining a printer to be like a large bulky box. This handy device is the perfect option to be used for printing stuff directly from your smartphone and tablets.

EN Global found that people of all age groups found it the most advanced device working on thermal technology, and almost everyone loved the feature of no ink consumption.

But not everyone will find the online information helpful for buying this portable printer and will need complete confirmation regarding the Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

What is printx pro?

Printx pro is a Bluetooth-enabled advanced digital printer that works on thermal technology and helps to get physical records of digital memories recorded. The users don’t need to refill the ink. This compact printer which is ultra-portable is compatible with both android and iOs. The users can use this modern printer to print different content on labels and on stickers.

Moreover, the users also get a charging USB cable and a user’s manual within the package. The users don’t need to do much for getting the high-quality prints as they can get the app compatible with Printx Pro and turn it on after loading the paper.

Who’s this for?

This portable and advanced printer that can easily be connected to any smart device is for the people of all age groups; from teenagers to middle-aged persons. This printer is a unique design and is useful for everyone as it helps to get high-quality prints of notes, pictures and invite cards.

Benefits of using this Printx Pro:

  • This printer can print on large width labels of around 58 mm.
  • This is compatible with almost all the devices including androids, MS-Windows and apple devices.
  • The users don’t need to worry about the refilling of the ink tank while using this Printx Pro.
  • The users can get their pictures and notes printed anywhere anytime with this small device.
  • The package comprises a video describing the features and usage in detail.

Product’s specifications:

  • Type of the product: a Bluetooth enabled advanced digital printer
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Bluetooth connectivity range: 4.0
  • Compatibility: androids, apple devices and MS-Windows
  • Product’s price: $198

How exactly does this Printx Pro work?

This small printing device can bring life to your precious memories within thirty seconds as it works with advanced technology.

This Printx Pro works with thermal technology, i.e. thermal expansion on paper’s molecules. Once the user gets it connected with his device via Bluetooth, it will provide the high-quality prints of his desired pictures, notes and labels/stickers.

How to use this Printx Pro?

Using this printx pro printer is no rocket science and can be used by your children too. All a user needs to do is connect the printer to a Bluetooth device including all the apple devices, tablets, smartphones and laptops. Once you get it connected to any Bluetooth enabled device, you can get the prints done within a few seconds.

Moreover, the users can download the phone app suitable for this Printx Pro and watch the online video describing the entire procedure of using this printer. This tutorial video is also available on the official site.

What the previous users have to say about this Printx Pro in the online review sections?

The customers’ EN Global response towards this digital printer is tremendous as many of them found it ultra-useful and easy to handle. This printer has made the student life more convenient as they can quickly get their notes ready. This printer has earned an excellent overall customer rating in the online review sections.

Henry from Canada has called this Printx Pro an overall device and has an extra feature of easy connectivity. This printer has made it easy for him to manage his daily activities by getting his to-do list printed.

Moreover, promila from German has claimed that she loved the feature of prints on labels and she can now print labels for her business items conveniently. Besides this online feedback, this printer has received numerous comments on the official website, and a massive content is available on the internet regarding this portable Bluetooth enabled printing device.

 From where can the online viewers order this Printx Pro online?

The online viewers can buy this fantastic printing device from the internet from the official website and get exciting discounts on ordering more than one item.

Also, buyers can get free shipping if they place their orders now.

 Frequently asked questions:

  • Is this printer compatible with windows 10?

Yes, this printer is compatible with almost all kinds of devices, including smartphones/androids, iPhones and Microsoft windows.

  • Does this printer provide coloured prints?

Absolutely yes, the users can create numerous things like labels and notes with vibrant colours.

  • How much does this printer cost?

This printer is worth $198, and the users can get heavy discounts on ordering it now from the official website and placing the bulk orders.

 Final verdict

Nothing can be better than the offer that the users can Get up to 50% OFF on this printx pro if they buy it from the official website. This thermal printing device works fast and saves the user from the additional duty of refilling ink timely.

Moreover, the users can create vast, colourful stuff using this and transform their digital memories into reality. This printer is entirely cordless and can print on 58 mm wide labels. Additionally, this small printer is also compatible with a mobile-friendly app that facilitates the users to get HD quality prints with a few clicks.

Let us informed if you are already using this portable device and got good results. Drop an honest comment revealing your personal experience with this small printer at the end.

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