Chef Paul Gerard of Exchange Alley (E. Village) dishing up his gumbo.

Chef Paul Gerard of Exchange Alley (E. Village) dishing up his gumbo.


A big thank you to everyone who made our Second Annual Mardi-Gras Gumbo Cook-Off such a rousing success and so much fun. And a special thanks to Chefs for the Marcellus co-founder Jimmy Carbone who hosted us at Jimmy’s No. 43.

Sunday afternoon (2/10/13) we had an impressive line-up of chef competitors and full house of anti-fracking supporters with discerning appetites.

And the winners were:

  • Deepak Ballaney (International Wings Factory), winner of The “Jackson Pollack” award for most interesting gumbo, a middle eastern/African spin on his curry gumbo with chicken wings and okra cracklings.
  • Tim Trombley, Almond and L & W Oyster,  winner of the “Do It Yourself” gumbo, made from pig’s head broth and a homemade andouille-like sausage made up of shrimp, pork, and crawfish.

People’s Choice

Judges Choice:

  • First Place: Jon Bratton of NYC Hot Sauce for his “Redneck Coonass Gumbo”
  • Second Place: Simon Glenn of Tchoup Shop for his duck, andouille and okra gumbo.
  • Third Place: Dave Katalski of Empire Brewing Company for his Big Easy Gumbo™.

The competing chefs were: Adrian Ashby; Deepak Ballaney, International Wings Factory; Jon Bratton, NYC Hot Sauce; Ron Carlson, Horsehead Beer; Mary Cleaver, Green Table; William Gadol; Paul Gerard, Exchange Alley; Simon Glenn, Tchoup Shop; Dave Katleski, Empire Brewing Company; Michele Lamorte (@ilovemesomefood); Dave Miss, Jimmy’s No 43; Tim Trombley, Almond and L & W Oyster

Judges included Rozanne Gold, “Radically Simply” & former chef to late Mayor Ed Koch; Will Blunt, Managing Editor,; Cathy Erway,, and Richard Stein, Publisher, Riverdale Press.

Our co-founder Hilary Baum urged everyone to keep the pressure on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking. Judge Richard Stein was the rousing emcee. Judge Rozanne Gold spoke for everyone when she said that the gumbos were so equally matched in craft and inventiveness that it was difficult to choose the winners.

For all the delicious details on each of the competing gumbos, we can’t do any better than refer you to Jimmy’s No. 43 story: