Join Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown, NY in signing the Amicus Brief.

Residents in the New York towns of Middlefield and Dryden were among the first to vote to keep their municipalities free of heavy industry, an effort to zone out fracking. These towns were promptly sued by drilling companies. “New York State has enshrined in its Constitution the principle of ‘home rule’ — the right of local communities to determine their community character through control over land use decisions. Communities that prize their rural character and pristine natural resources, upon which their economies largely depend, have enacted safeguards against industrial shale gas extraction, which threatens to significantly impact the landscape and environment.” Home Rule was upheld in the lower courts but is now being appealed in the highest court in New York. This is an extremely important precedent to uphold and will influence the rights of municipalities across the state to determine the type of industry they want in their community.

We are calling on businesses of all types, scale, and geographic location in the state to join the Amicus Curiae, which will be filed with the New York State Court of Appeals. An Amicus Curiae, or friend of the court, is a petition filed by those outside of the case, but whose interests would be effected by the court’s decision. If you would like more to get involved or to learn more, please contact Laura Neiderhofer or visit Businesses Against Fracking New York. Please Act Now!