Farmer Jeremy Carlisle’s Dairy Cows, October 4, 2012

On January 22, Chefs for the Marcellus, in concert with Food & Water Watch will deliver a letter signed by more than 150 of New York  State’s top chefs, including Mario Batali (Babbo), Michael Anthony (Gramercy Tavern) and Mary Cleaver (Cleaver & Co.), to Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging him to ban hydrofracking for natural gas in New York State. In a press release sent to the media, Chef Bill Telepan said:  “The success of my restaurant and so many others depends on clean, healthy, safe ingredients in the dishes we serve. If I can’t trust the quality of the food I’m purchasing from upstate farmers and food producers, I’ll have to look elsewhere for those products. Upstate agriculture will pay the price if fracking comes to New York. ” READ FULL PRESS RELEASE