Fox Run Vineyards, Penn Yan, NY

Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to want to eat his cake (or drink his wine) and have it, too.  At a beer and wine summit he convened last week, he boasted about the  “’phenomenal growth’” in the industry during his 22 months as governor, according to the New York Times. At the same, he is giving every indication that he poised to allow fracking in the very parts of New York State that produce our wine and beer, a prospect that deeply concerns producers.  According to the Washington Post, many vintners don’t see their industry co-existing with fracking. “If they allow hydro-fracking anywhere near us, tourism will be over and the industry will be done,” Art Hunt of Hunt Country Vineyards, told the Post. Many brewers and vintners have already signed on to our campaign asking Governor Cuomo to ban fracking in upstate New York State — source of our food, water, beer and wine.  Please join them and sign our letter to the governor today!