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Monthly archive August, 2012

Sean Lennon Speaks Out About Fracking the Catskills

A child of the Catskills (and of Yoko Ono and John Lennon),  Sean Lennon published an impassioned Op-Ed piece in the New York Times that has everyone talking.  READ IT HERE.  If you agree with Sean that  Governor Cuomo shouldn’t allow fracking in our foodshed, please join our campaign. 

Catskills Sitting on Untapped Agricultural Opportunity

“The Catskills are perched on the threshold of perhaps the greatest food-marketing opportunity in North America,” reports On Earth. “Less than three hours away are 22 million stomachs and many thousands of foodies happy to pay $8.59 a pound for Bourbon Red turkey raised within commuting distance. Perhaps even more important for the region are the...

Yogurt & Fracking Don’t Mix

 Governor Cuomo recently held a highly publicized yogurt summit upstate New York. According to the New York Times report,  he  touted the manufacture of yogurt as one of the rare bright spots in the state’s economy.  He’s overlooking one thing, though:  if he goes ahead with his plan to allow fracking in dairy country,  where the...