New York State is rolling out an update of its internationally famous I Love NY logo in a series of TV ads.  The new logos, created by crowd sourcing, will replace the iconic heart with depictions of New York attractions, including its food and wine. The state’s culinary pre-eminence, including its farms and farmers’ markets and wineries are touted in one video featuring TV chef Rachael Ray and another with QVC’s David Venable. We love those things about New York State, too.  But we wonder how those promoting farming, viniculture and tourism think they can survive if the state approves fracking for natural gas, which threatens the very areas that grow and produce all that beautiful food and wine.  If you  “Heart” NY,  please sign on to our campaign today, and let Governor Cuomo know that you agree that a ban on fracking in our state is the best way to keep it green and growing.