Elizabeth Schula by Gentl and Hyers

We are pleased to welcome Elizabeth Schula of Saltie to our campaign.  Elizabeth is not just a passionate chef and restaurateur: she is also an aspiring farmer who has a personal interest in keeping New York State farmland frack free. She writes: “I want to thank you for what you are doing. I bought a farm near Cooperstown last year  … in the town of Middlefield, and after finding that one of our neighbors has a gas lease, became instantly active in our community. Middlefield was the first township in New York to enact local zoning to ban heavy industry (hydrofracking!), but the ruling is being challenged by a cattle farmer.  At Saltie, we are committed to using local ingredients, and much of our produce comes from the Marcellus region. I hope to be farming full time in the near future and bringing some of my own produce to New York City.” Fellow chefs and other food professionals, please join Elizabeth by lending your name to our campaign.