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Food Professionals Protecting
Our Farms, Food & Water
From Fracking
Monthly archive November, 2011

Chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez to Speak Out Against Fracking at Nov. 30 Hearing in NYC

On Wednesday, November 30, when the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) holds an all-important hearing on fracking in New York City,  one of our founders, chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, will be there.  Prior to testifying at the hearing itself, she will speak at a noon press conference as the lead representative of the restaurant...

Welcome Patrick Martins, Founder of Slow Food USA!

Patrick Martins is a farmer’s best friend. Soon after founding Slow Food USA in 2000, he realized that farmers raising quality heritage-breed animals needed a robust distribution system if they were to compete. His company, Heritage Foods USA, which he started in 2002, now supplies high-quality, humanely raised, heritage meats to the nation’s top restaurants. He...

Check Out Mark Bittman’s Column in Today’s NY Times

We were thrilled to see Mark Bittman mention a number of our friends in today’s New York Times.  Look especially at No. 23, and his shout-out to Food & Water Watch, whose Eric Weltman is one of our campaign’s founders.

Chef-Entrepreneur Francine Stephens Signs on to Our Campaign!

Francine Stephens has spent her entire professional career educating consumers, chefs, businesses, and community leaders about the means and benefits of an economy and environment improved by purchasing locally grown foods and products. She and her husband, Andrew Feinberg, own Franny’s and Bklyn Larder in Prospect Heights where their commitment to sustainability permeates their business. “My businesses completely rely on our...

Brewery Ommegang Is Threatened by Fracking

Breweries must be located near sources of abundant fresh water. That’s what drew Brewery Ommegang, one of New York State’s premiere craft breweries, to the Finger Lakes village of Middlefield. But if the town’s ban on fracking is overturned, The Daily Star reports, “Brewery Ommegang … would have to consider relocating…” READ MORE…

Eyewitness: Fracking and Farming Don’t Mix

Celebrated photographer J Henry Fair has traveled the country, photographing landscapes that have been affected by the relentless pursuit of fossil fuels. Among his subjects: the tilled fields and rolling hills that lie atop the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, where fracking is allowed. He has given us permission to share his photographs from time to...

Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo Endorses Our Campaign

We thank actor and activist Mark Ruffalo for endorsing our campaign on Twitter. In case you missed it, here’s what he tweeted about us: “Love and admiration for anyone doing anything to educate and bring people up in the Catskill region which I call home.” Mark (shown at an anti-fracking rally) is one of the...
Ken Jaffe, Slope Farms, Meredith, NY

Ken Jaffe, Slope Farms, Meredith, NY

“The industrialization and pollution of rural upstate New York (through fracking) would kill the production of organic and sustainable food in this region.”

Stop By & See Us at the New Amsterdam Market

Chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriquez of Print restaurant (far right in photo) will be serving up tasty tandoori pork sandwiches this Sunday at the New Amsterdam Market. Stop by and say hello to her and to the Chefs for the Marcellus team, which will be on hand with literature and letters for you to sign! If you...